We Make Each Other Better

The sound of Lafayette, Indiana’s own Frank Muffin is driven from a strong acoustic-guitar footing that also blends layers of electric guitar and, sometimes, synthesizers, keyboards, strings and flute. All members are multi-instrumentalists, and Muffin originals land somewhere along the lines of alternative rock, new wave, Americana, punk and alternative pop.

“We Make Each Other Better” is a vibrant, original, full-length song written by Frank Muffin to complement, and capture the spirit of, the Tipmont Wintek partnership. Tipmont Wintek and Frank Muffin were a perfect match, as lead vocalist / guitarist Hans Rees and bassist Brittany Rees are Tipmont members, and one of our own apprentice linemen, Dusty Manns, formerly played drums for the band.

Frank Muffin’s debut album, Forest for the Trees, was released in 2018. In 2020, the band debuted a new song every week of the year — culminating in four 13-track volumes titled Year of the Muffin. In 2021, Frank Muffin opened for Gin Blossoms and toured in Illinois, Virginia, Maryland and central New York. Current members of Frank Muffin are Hans Rees (guitar and lead vocals), Jerome Hemersbach (guitars and keyboard), Bradley Pendleton (drums) and Brittany Rees (bass).

Learn more about the band at the Frank Muffin website and listen to their music on Spotify.